What timber types are used for your balustrades and wooden stairs? Do I have a choice on the timber that I prefer?

Yes, you are able to choose, provided we are able to get your choice in timber in the size that we need from the manufacturer. Most of the available timbers match up to timber flooring. One of our Sales Consultants can assist you in making a choice as well as give you information on whether the timber you prefer to use is available.

Are your quote and design services free?

Yes, the first measure and quote is obligation free if you reside in our designated service area. You are not obligated to proceed with the job through us.

Are you able to design staircases?

Yes, we specialise in custom made staircases that match up to what you want. Staircases are in most cases designed by a drafts person or architect and in these situations we are more than willing to work with a professional to make sure you obtain the type of staircase that you desire. You can also use your own plans where we will assist in advising you on where to install the staircase or give you options when you have to change the design due to constraints in size.

How long does it take to get a staircase built?

The construction time on staircases will be dependent on various factors. The method of construction, the availability of materials and industry changes that occur in a year will all have an effect on the duration of the project from your order. However, the standard staircase takes 3 to 4 weeks from order confirmation.

What are the average costs for a staircase?

This is one of the more common questions, yet it is not easy to provide a simple answer. The problem with offering a rough estimate is that every staircase that we supply will be unique. This means the value could decrease or increase substantially according to the size & complexity of the project, materials, etc. If you are looking for a more accurate price for your staircase we can offer you a site inspection for free or we are happy to assess your plans if you already have them done.

What materials should my staircase be made from?

Stainless steel, mild steel and timber are some of the best components when it comes to stairs. In general, timber is often a choice for its tread materials and acoustic values when you walk on it and is often viewed as aesthetically pleasing over steel. However, this does come down to personal preference. All materials that Stellar Stairs use are of high quality.

What timber is the most suitable for a staircase?

This will once again depend on a number of factors. The more common answer would be to match up the timber flooring or carpets to what you have used on the downstairs floors. A staircase is a bridge between the upper and lower floors and will usually be the first thing that guests will see when they enter your home. Call us for your free consultation and we will give you advice on the benefits of each timber type and then give you a recommendation on the type that matches up to your requirements.